Academy & Finance invites only institutional investors :

-          Asset managers
-          Investment fund managers
-          Private bankers
-          Family offices
-          Independent Wealth Managers.

The attendance is by invitation only. Attendance is free of charge.

Academy & Finance selects who is invited to attend: only the serious and significant investors who have a long experience in investing in the junior mining market. We do not invite retail investors and we do not invite service providers or non-sponsoring mining companies

The attendees in Switzerland especially are long term investors who buy on the market and participate in private placements and hold the stocks for many months and years. The  attendees know the particular high risk-high reward characteristic of the junior mining sectors. The attendees are very loyal and they attend the conferences regularly since our first events in 2006. They attend in bull markets, they attend in bear markets. They have an extensive experience in the business and their age is mostly between 50 and 70 years old. They are very demanding, they study the companies before attending the presentations and the one on one meetings and ask astute questions: burn rate, cash position, dilution risks, permitting issues, management shareholding position, geopolitical risks.

In Switzerland more than 250 different banks and asset management companies have attended our annual conferences since 2006. In Asia, more than 200 since 2009.

Over the years we built a rich database of 5000 investors in Switzerland and 3000 in Asia who have attended our events or other major mining investments shows.

Academy & Finance’s strength is a very solid network of partners who also invite their contact list in Zurich, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong.